Translation with the Human Touch

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We live in a globalized world where cross-cultural communication is the key in bringing your business into foreign markets. As more non-English speakers find themselves in need of your products or services, your business may find that it needs translation service.

Write-Brained is here to help you.

Write-Brained specializes in Chinese and English two-way translation to help you reach and understand the Chinese language market to optimize awareness of your brand and bridge the language and cultural gap.

In short, Write-Brained helps you speak to the people.



“I can understand Chinese and English as well. Why should I pay for professional translation?”

  • Translation, like copywriting, is an art as well as discipline that take time and skill to do well. Poor translation often undermines the effectiveness of the message that your original copy has, and is therefore not worth taking the chance.
  • Machine translation has been proven over and over again to produce comical results that you would not want to risk putting your company’s reputation on the line for.
  • You simply may not have the people in your company who can be dedicated to the job. If translation and editorial work for your marketing communication is not part of your core business, it would be more beneficial for you to outsource the work while you concentrate your time and resources to what you do best. You can eliminate stress and distraction while increasing your productivity. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Write-Brained specializes in translating business and marketing materials for start-ups and enterprises in the following industries or fields:

  • Travel and tourism
  • Architecture
  • Hospitality
  • Finance and Investment
  • Green industry
  • Culture and philosophy



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