About Write-Brained

Write-brained is a solo Chinese-English translation solutions provider based in Singapore but can be found anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Edward, the only human behind the computer in this enterprise, started his journey as an in-house trainee translator at a Business Mandarin coaching company. He has translated training materials the company uses to teach Mandarin to individuals from both the business world and government ministries. Much of these materials were taken from the wisdoms of ancient Chinese philosophers like Confucius, Lao Tzu and Meng Zi, renowned old-world military strategist Sun Tzu, as well as passages from the Spring and Autumn Period of the Warring States where the lessons found in the text is still widely applied in today’s business world.

After Edward has left this company, he continued to see the need for bilingual translations in the business field, and thus decided to offer this service on his own. Through the initial start-up stage of contacting and networking, he has worked with many translation agencies as well as direct clients on a wide variety of projects that ranged from business, technological, travel articles and even architectural materials.

He has participated in translating the handbook for Twestival, a Twitter festival held in Singapore, in 2010, and is a regular contributing translator for Watching America (www.watchingamerica.com)

Upon obtaining a diploma in copywriting from CTJT, an online course provider from the UK, Edward has also launched into copywriting, helping businesses to write their marketing materials such as brochures and advertising copy. This has also led him to launch his own writing projects. He is writing for his own blog, www.wordtraders.net, focusing on the new era of online writing, ebooks, digital publishing, and the role of translation in the age of the Internet. He is also currently working on his own books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Edward’s vision for his translation and writing business is to help businesses enter the age of marketing online, promote better Chinese-English translation in the online world, as well as making ebook publishing and online writing a sound marketing strategy for businesses as well as a sensible step towards an environmental-friendly green publishing industry.

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