The Guy Who Wrote These Stuff – About Edward

From Edward’s Write Brain

Edward Seah is the sole writer behind Based in Singapore but available wherever there is Internet, he provides copywriting services for business-to-business as well as business-to-clients marketing communications for the travel and tourism industry as well as small and medium businesses.

He produces copy for sales letters, press releases, advertorials, articles and other forms of marketing and promotional communications, for both online and offline platforms. He writes copy in both English and Chinese.

Being bilingual in English and Chinese, he started out as a translator serving business clients in their written communication, having worked with materials like sales letters, press releases, newsletters and handbooks. He has worked with clients from China and the U.S. in addition to those in Singapore, and is an avid fan of Southeast Asia and its cultures. As such, he has an understanding of cross-cultural communication and is able to produce copy that speaks effectively to this cultural context. He is able to translate accurately without sacrificing style for meaning.

He is actively translating for (, an online news media group that collects publishes English-translated articles from all over the world that concerns the US in any way.

In addition to copywriting and translating, he has helped clients with proofreading and editing to ensure a clearer and more readable copy for more effective marketing communication.

Edward obtained a proofreading diploma in 2009 and a copywriting diploma in 2010, but his learning never stops.

Edward is available to work with you on copywriting, translation and proofreading. Call (91059904), email ( or message him now for a chat.

You can also find me on

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