Translation for Architecture


Architecture is both a time capsule that preserves our historical and cultural heritage as well as indicator of the current trends and our future development. Though we don’t often see or feel it, over time, our architecture defines our collective identity as a nation, community or even ethnicity.

Documenting architectural creations not only with stunning photographs, but also clear, thoughtful and accurate narratives has been a common practice of architectural design firms. Doing this serves two purposes: to build the firm’s portfolio and to publish a record for future reference, not only for the firm’s own use, but also for various quarters such as heritage boards, historians, tourism organizations and many others. Producing an architectural publication is therefore a meaningful endeavor for the community at large.

Si Nan cover



The architecture industry has always been a global one. Your firm will have an edge when the copy you produce, be it for your books, magazines or websites, is translated into more than one language. Doing so helps you to gain a wider audience, build better relations and attract more business opportunities. I can help your firm to translate your copy from Chinese to English or vice versa, and I am able to work with both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


If you have already produced your copy, why not have it read by a fresh pair of eyes? I can help you to copy-edit your copy to improve flow, clarity and readability, or proofread to pick out typographical or grammatical errors that you might have missed in the course of writing.


Contact me now at now for a discussion or to obtain a quote for your project!

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